Relieve Anxiety

More often than not, we go through problems that can cause anxiety whether we want it or not. Some people bravely conquer their problems, but there always comes a time when anxiety hits back hard. When anxiety hits,At the 1인샵 you can experience mild or more severe symptoms that can negatively affect your life.

To overcome anxiety, some undergo therapies while others prefer medications or a combination of both. It can also be treated with alternative treatment like acupressure, which is a popular traditional Chinese medicine.

Acupressure is a technique that stimulates pressure points on the body to reduce anxiety. It is also associated with a lot of health benefits of massages.

Symptoms of Anxiety

It is important to know the symptoms of anxiety and how to address them. Here are some symptoms associated with the disorder:

  • Fatigue
  • Always worry and panic
  • Disrupted concentration
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Tension on the muscles
  • irritability

Here are some of the pressure points that can be used to alleviate anxiety in your body:

Heavenly Gate Point

This is a pressure point that is situated in the ear, specifically on the upper part where a hollow area can be seen. Applying pressure to this part is believed to reduce anxiety as well as insomnia and stress.

To massage the area, you first need to locate the pressure point in your ear. A mirror could help for easy location. Then, use a circular motion to press the area gently for about 2 minutes.

Union Valley Point

The union valley point is simply found between your thumb and the index finger. By triggering this pressure point, several symptoms of anxiety such as headache, stress, and neck pain can be reduced. However, pregnant women are not allowed to do this because it might induce labor.

Use your other hand’s thumb and index finger to put firm pressure on the pressure point. The massage should only last for four to five seconds coupled with slow breathing.

Shoulder Well Point

As the name suggests, this is done in the shoulder muscle. You can pinch your shoulder to find the muscle using your fingers. Health benefits of massages from this pressure point include lowering stress levels and headaches.

To massage this area, identify a point in your shoulder muscle where you will apply the pressure. Then, use your middle finger and thumb to press the shoulder muscle gently. You can now use your index finger to massage it in a span of either 4 or 5 seconds. However, it is not advisable to use this pressure point when you are pregnant since it can induce labor.

Hall of Impression Point

This type of pressure point is located on the face between the eyebrows. Like other points, this also relieves anxiety and stress when pressure is applied.

The procedure for using point begins by sitting in a relaxed way. Then, use your thumb or the index finger to locate the pressure point which sits between your eyebrows. Put a gentle pressure and take 5 to 0 minutes to massage in a circular motion.

Inner Frontier Gate Point

The inner frontier gate point resides approximately one and a half-inch from the wrist. Aside from alleviating anxiety, massaging this area can also help reduce body pains and nausea.

Begin the massage by facing the palm upwards. Estimate where the pressure point is, about three fingers away from the wrist. You can feel a hollow part between the tendons of the arm. This is where you press gently and massage it about four to five seconds long.


These pressure points are the areas where acupressure can be done. Although the results for applying pressure to these areas are only temporary, there is no denying that using them can be quite helpful in situations where your anxiety hits you badly.


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