There are a lot of credible organizations with research which prove that a girl’s education can be a game-changer for the families, communities and society as a whole. Understanding this can help push a country to meet its glory. Here are a few reasons why we need to support girl’s education.

Increased economic growth

If girls can go to school, this means that their education is more likely to get them jobs and earn more money. There are many developing nations which estimate that investing in a girl’s education can easily increase the GDP by 1%.

Jobs for women

Better wages and jobs for women

Over 628 million unemployed young girls make up for the worlds majority of people being unemployed. Many girls do go to primary school, but not everyone makes it to the second year of school. Each year you will find people that will eventually boost their wager by 10-20%. There are many types of research which show that most women invest 90% of their incomes of food, clothing and education for their children.

It saves the lives of children and their mother

There are many countries which have studied that show that the universal primary education for girls can easily reduce over 15% mortality in a child. This means that school-going children have fewer pregnancies and are less likely to give birth young and understand the consequences of their action.

Sustainable families

Women with higher levels of education have fewer children as they are most likely to understand the cots and pressure which can be put on them. This is also one way you can significantly reduce the number of girls giving birth before the age of 17 and will help promote smaller but healthier families. If all women had primary education, early birth would drop to 10%, and with secondary education, it can drop by another 10%.

Healthier and better-educated children

Better educated mother have healthier and better-educated children who can benefit from adequate nutrition and immunization, which allows them to have longer and more regular. It also allows the mother to give a chance at creating more leads for her children when they stay in school for longer.

Reduced rates of HIV/AIDS

Educating girls will allow the Social Vaccine against viruses like HIV/AIDS which is a direct link to girls being safe when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. The better the girl’s education, the more knowledge about how one can contract and spread diseases. If there are young adults, one can expect over 700,000 lesser cases of sexually transmitted diseases. With malaria, mothers can easily complete secondary education; the odds for the children can carry malaria, which can be 36% or lower.


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