Snooze Button Alone

If I were to tell you that there was a way you could gain an hour or more a day to spend being productive or doing the things you enjoy/spending time with the people you love, Definitely you will get in love by dicovering products on what would you say? And if I told you that this same magic technique could ensure you had more energy throughout the day to be more productive and to live life more fully, how would you respond?

Chances are that at first you would be disbelieving, and for most people that probably all sounds a bit good to be true. The truth is though that there’s actually a very simple and easy way to accomplish all this and it just means you need to get up a bit earlier. This is particularly true if you’re currently the kind of person who hits the ‘snooze’ button on their alarm clock several times before getting out of bed. While you might think at the time that this is a viable way to grab yourself some more shuteye and make sure that you feel fresher in the morning, the reality is that sleeping longer will always make you feel more groggy than you would be if you got up right away, and will only mean you have less time to do the things you need to do throughout the day. Get up the minute the alarm goes off and you will be getting your day off to the very best and most productive start.

But how can you accomplish this when every fibre of your being is telling you to just hit the sack again? Here are a few tips.

Create a Conducive Situation

Unfortunately when we wake up, for most of us it is incredibly hard to get up out of bed and all too easy to just go back to sleep. The room around us will probably be cold and uninviting while the bed is warm and it’s easy to just press snooze.

The first thing to do then is reverse this so that getting out of bed is easier than staying in it. This means setting several alarms, setting a timer to make you a cup of tea or coffee when you want to be up, and putting a dressing gown within easy reach so that you can wrap up warm before you get up. Meanwhile you should of course disable any kind of snooze option from your alarm so that things are trickier. I also like to give myself something to look forward to in the morning – I used to get up to watch Frasier, and these days I sit up for ten minutes with my tea to read the news on Google Currents.


CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which in turn means altering your thought patterns to make them more helpful for what you want to achieve – in this case wakefulness. Look at the ruminations you have when you convince yourself to stay in bed then such as ‘I need the extra sleep’ and then replace them with the truth – ‘If I don’t get up now I’ll feel much worse’.

Other Factors

Of course if you really struggle to get out of bed then this could be more to do with other factors in your life such as your happiness. If you are very stressed at work, or are dreading something in the day then it might be all the more tempting to just crawl back under the covers. I’ve seen companies like Krown hypnotherapy work wonders while counselling can help you to address what might be at the root of your urge to stay in bed.


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